About Us

WELCOME TO: Pawl's K-9ery


OUR FOUNDERS: Marisela G. Meyer (Mother) & Luis G. Meyer III (Son)


Marisela growing up as an animal lover and in her grandmother's kitchen, loved to cook and feed the neighborhood strays. This inspired her to become a veterinary technician, she said while playing with her fur babies at home a thought came to mind, thinking of her oldest baby Daisy she decided that maybe it was time to bring healthy joy to her two dogs and three cats. Using skills she had learned this is how Daisy's Paw Kreations came to be. 

Member of: NAVTA - National Association of Veterinary Technicians

AVAM - American Veterinary Medical Association

Today's Veterinary Nurse


Luis at a young age had two dalmatians and several other pets. Growing up in his families kitchen his passion for cooking and love for animals grew. After spending several years in the restaurant industry and bringing joy to customers, he decide he would like to bring the same joy, creativity, and presentation to his animal companions.